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A New Era for a Haddonfield Home

R. Craig Lord Construction is on location in Haddonfield, NJ as we continue our renovation of this American Four Square home built in 1910. As with most old houses, we start with the necessities first. A complete upgrade of the electrical system from top to bottom...

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Historic Home Renovation on Main Street in Moorestown, NJ

It was a unique challenge to create a corporate headquarters for Bayada Home Health Care in an 1858 home while undertaking a complete interior historic home renovation. R. Craig Lord Construction Company, located in Moorestown, NJ, was ready for the challenge.  First,...

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Home Additions: A Seamless Blend of Old and New

There are times in life when it’s OK to break the rules—but adding onto an older or established house isn’t one of those times. In historic towns like Moorestown and Riverton, a new addition can stick out like a sore thumb if it isn’t done properly.  Work with an...

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Bayada Home Health Care Historic Home Remodel Update #7

A historic home comes with layers and layers of paint and that is just what we encountered during the past couple of weeks at the remodel of the future headquarters of Bayada Home Health Care. Our carpenters at R. Craig Lord Construction Company have been busy...

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Bayada Home Health Care Update #6

At first glance, you might think we painted the interior of this historic home a beautiful shade of blue. But, in fact this is just another stage in the remodel of most historic homes. At the Bayada Home Health Care Offices, our carpenters have been busy applying blue...

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Bayada Home Health Care Headquarters Update #5

Step back into the 1800's as you enter the front room of the Bayada Home Health Care Headquarters in Moorestown, NJ. This room was most likely originally used as a welcoming parlor and the architectural detail is exquisite. From plaster molding throughout the room and...

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Bayada Home Health Care Headquarters Renovation Update#4

Progress continues at the whole house renovation of the Bayada Home Health Care Headquarters located in Moorestown, New Jersey. A major renovation to restore the historic staircase is underway. And, an octagon opening to the cupula is being framed which will flood...

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Bayada Home Health Care Headquarters Renovation Update #3

Take a look at the behind-­the-­scenes renovation work going on at the site of the Bayada Home Health Care Headquarters in Moorestown, New Jersey. The entire building will be receiving all new electrical service. The new wiring has started on the third floor and, as...

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BAYADA Home Healthcare Headquarters Renovations #2

Here is our second installment of the BAYADA Home Healthcare renovations. This is an old window frame we found in the former rear wall of the building. We might be able to do something interesting with this. In the basement we have prepped the new section of basement...

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BAYADA Home Health Care Headquarters Renovation

Welcome to our latest project BAYADA Home Health Care Headquarters. For the next seven months we will be sharing our progress with you. The building is a three story Victorian located on Moorestown's Main Street. It is the former home of John Buzby, who built the...

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