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Home Remodeling Cost vs Value: Now and Later

If your family was like mine, “Now and Laters” candy were a favorite of my children. While the name implies that you should eat some now and save some later, I doubt that they were able to keep them around long enough for the “later” to happen. Now that they are...

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Down The Shore Home Remodel

R. Craig Lord Construction traveled down the shore with our Moorestown clients, Pat and Angela C., to remodel their shore house in Margate, NJ. The exterior remodel included new siding, entry way, stonework, windows, and a roof. This stunning transformation created an...

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Home Remodeling Estimates – Why Do Bids Vary?

Homeowners regularly use price as one of several deciding factors in making major purchasing decisions. For some, getting several bids may seem like the way to go, but this often creates hidden problems because no two companies are alike. Awarding a project for a...

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The Most Important Thing to Remember

A remodeling project can be a huge undertaking for a homeowner. The desire for a new Kitchen or remodeled Bathroom is there, but most people don’t know what to do first or where to start. Like anything else a good start is very important. So with that in mind I asked...

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The Importance of Good Design

All successful projects from custom Kitchens to Bath remodels to Additions start with a good design. Good design insures that your project will address your families’ needs, that it will blend in with your homes architecture and age, and the cost of the project will...

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Creating a Dream Nursery in Moorestown for Your New Arrival

It’s almost time. Your new arrival is going to make his (or her) appearance in the next few months. You’re finally over the morning sickness, and all you want to do now is get the nursery ready for baby’s big day. But you’re stuck for ideas—there are just so many to...

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