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Goodbye Framing, Hello Drywall!

After months of framing, R. Craig Lord Construction's two-story addition in Moorestown, NJ continues to the drywall stage and the addition of doors to access the new spaces from the main house. The photo below shows the new doorway from the upstairs of the main house...

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Addition in Wonderland, Peeking in the Glass Windows!

The interior walls are framed in this Moorestown, NJ Addition, and it’s exciting as the home owners can walk through the space and see the physical layout that was once just a floorplan and 3D model. The interior walls were built from 2-by-4 wall studs and framing,...

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Exterior of Two-Story Addition in Moorestown, NJ

  The Front Exterior The closing in or completion of the exterior is an important milestone for any project, but in the winter with the threat of bad weather it is even more important. At our Addition in Moorestown, NJ, the team at R. Craig Lord Construction is...

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Riverton Road Addition – First Floor Framing

Moving right along on Riverton Road! With the foundation complete, R. Craig Lord Construction has begun the first floor framing of this soon to be two-story addition in Moorestown, NJ. Wood beams were bolted to the cement foundation and a 3/4" tongue and groove...

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Searching or Extra Space in Moorestown

Moorestown is a great historic town with charm and character and homeowners tell us they want to stay, even when thier home is busting at the seams.  Sometimes a beloved home just needs a little more space!  An addition is a perfect solution.  R. Craig Lord...

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Home Additions: A Seamless Blend of Old and New

There are times in life when it’s OK to break the rules—but adding onto an older or established house isn’t one of those times. In historic towns like Moorestown and Riverton, a new addition can stick out like a sore thumb if it isn’t done properly.  Work with an...

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