At R. Craig Lord Construction our goal has always been to offer the best possible experience to our clients. We are pleased to now offer 3D imaging for all of our designs. This is an exciting new program that literally lets us take you inside of your  remodeling project. We take the old-fashioned floor plan and create a representation that allows the viewer to see the project from every angle.

During our design process we work hard to find the perfect design for our clients. Seeing your project come to life on a large screen is a thrilling way to make this happen. Our clients can view their project from the inside, the outside, above and      below. Lines of sight can be reviewed as well as proportions. Do you imagine yourself standing at your new kitchen island and looking out the new bay window? Now you don’t have to. We can show you exactly what that looks like.  You will be able to take a walk-through of the entire project. The 3D imaging will leave you with a solid understanding of what your completed project will look and feel like.

The program is also very helpful with finishes. With the stroke of a key we can change colors and materials. Things like     siding and roofing on the exterior and flooring and cabinets on the interior can be swapped out until the best look is found.   Major manufacturers offer catalogs that allow us to input their products into the design.

We can show your project on the big screen in living color. Let us bring your dreams to life and make a great project together. Contact us now to start discussing your new home remodel.


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