Bathroom remodeling picked up steam a few years ago with new design trends, and it shows no sign of slowing down. From bathing to beautifying, the bathroom is a peaceful sanctuary for privacy and relaxation. Since homeowners spend so much time there, the bathroom should fit the needs and styles of 21st century lives. What’s really gratifying is that the hot trends are practical and attractive and won’t look passé in a few years.

Turn that brown upside down

Bathroom remodels are switching neutral colors. Dark gray brings elegance, while lighter shades provide a down-­to-­earth effect. Brown provides a sense of coziness and warmth – just the thing for a relaxing experience. Add yellow to amplify coziness, or orange to amplify warmth.

A sinking feeling

Change is coming to sinks in two ways. In the conventional bathroom, the rim of the sink is mounted on top of the countertop. This takes up counter space and creates a joint that is difficult to keep clean. Undermount sinks, which install below the countertop, avoid these problems and create a cleaner, sleeker look that many homeowners now favor. The second trend is the adoption of the trough sink: large sinks made for two people that can be wall-­mounted or sit atop cabinetry which may be either open or closed. The trough sink’s look is more contemporary than conventional vanity sinks.

Shower safety and comfort

Custom-­built tiled showers aren’t limited to standard sizes and shapes like plastic molded ones, and they’re certainly more attractive. The custom trend also means showers are getting bigger – big enough to have built-­in seating. It’s luxurious to clean yourself while sitting down, and it’s safer too. Other trends are the addition of shower heads at chest or waist height, to spray you from all sides at once, and grab bars for safety and ease of entering and exiting.

Tech features

Technology rules the kitchen, living room, and home security, so why not let it run the bathroom? Touchless faucets, automatic flushing toilets, docking stations for mobile devices, and showerheads with Bluetooth speakers are examples of bathroom features that are going tech.

Finish strong

The devil is in the details, and bathrooms should finish strong with finishes that unite the room. For example, if you adopt the trending color brown for the room’s overall feel, you should coordinate your showerheads, towel bars, outlet covers, faucets, and doorknobs with a copper or bronze finish.

We hope the remodeling trends of 2016 spark some ideas for your bathroom. Before tackling any bathroom remodel, do your research to find some colors, ideas, configurations and fixtures you like. Decide on a budget, then contact us. We’ll scout your bathroom and the surrounding walls for possible expansion. Then, we provide a realistic solution to any style or objective you have in mind. Our visions combined will remodel your bathroom into a haven of privacy and relaxation.

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