It’s almost time. Your new arrival is going to make his (or her) appearance in the next few months. You’re finally over the morning sickness, and all you want to do now is get the nursery ready for baby’s big day. But you’re stuck for ideas—there are just so many to choose from! Here’s how to create a dream nursery that’s functional for mom and baby, as well as perfect to look at.

Focus on Sleepy-Time

The main thing your baby will do in his new nursery is sleep, so your Moorestown home remodeling project should focus on making it “sleep-friendly” to help him develop healthy sleeping habits from day one. Whether you’re doing an attic conversion or an extension to the main floor, create a cosy corner for the crib. Give it a soothing wall color and window coverings that block out unwanted shafts of sunlight that will make him overheat.

Make a Mom-Zone

You’ll spend a significant amount of your own time in the nursery over the next year, so it has to work for you too:

  • Flooring: When you rush in at midnight to soothe baby’s cries, what type of flooring will work best for you? Do you like soft-pile carpet under your bare feet, or does the feel of smooth, elegant hardwood send a thrill through you when you think of it? A design-build professional will be able to help you choose.
  • Furnishings: It’s not just the structure of the nursery that’s important, but what you fill it with. Do you like a plush, comfy armchair for breastfeeding, where you can relax your weary body? Or would a sofa be a better bet, so you can stretch out and grab a snooze with baby sometimes? And what about a change table? Does it need to be freestanding or can you attach it to the wall for easy stowing out of sight when it’s not in use?
  • Storage: You can’t always find exactly what you want in the way of a baby’s dresser or storage. One way your Moorestown home remodeling project can solve this is to create inbuilt storage like the wall unit shown in this photo. It includes a window seat, functional storage space and looks attractive. The best thing is that it doesn’t take up a lot of the floor area, so if you’re using a tiny room for a nursery this is a good way to optimize your use of the space.

Go Green

With all the hype about chemicals, GMO foods and fluoride in the water we drink, just to mention a few, going green in baby’s nursery is one way to ensure you protect him from harmful substances as far as possible. Choose wall paints that are lead-free, soft furnishings made from recyclable materials and energy-efficient lighting and equipment. Include a skylight in your Moorestown home remodeling project scope, which will give your baby natural light during the daytime hours. Add windows that can open and close easily to allow fresh, clean air into the room.

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