wood floor for ChristmasWe know the feeling. You’ve had that old floor ever since you moved into your home, and for just as long you’ve been planning to change it. Well, with the holidays coming up perhaps it’s a good time to give yourself the Christmas gift you want—a new floor. If you think about it, the idea has lots of merit:

  • you  get  to  give  your  Haddonfield  home  a  makeover  before  the  festive  season  really  hits,
  • the  work  is  all  done indoors  so  the  winter  weather  doesn’t  have  to  be  a  concern,  and
  • you  get  to  spend  your  money  on  something  that provides  a  return!

What  more  can  you  ask  for  than  that?

Now,  all  that’s  left  to  do  is  decide  when  is  a  good  time  for  a  Haddonfield  remodeling project,  and  what  type  of  flooring  you  want  to  install.

Currently  the  most  popular  option,  real  hardwood  flooring  has  come  a  long  way  from  the  old  days  when  it  gave  your  home  a rustic  look  and  feel.  Now,  hardwood  flooring  is  one  of  the  most  elegant  options,  and  it  comes  with  the  added  advantage  of  being tough,  practical  and  easy  to  clean.  It  should  be  milled  from  a  single  piece  of  lumber,  and  some  of  the  most  common  types  are oak,  walnut  maple  and  hickory.  Your  Haddonfield  remodeling  contractor  will  be  able  to  provide  you  with  a  written  estimate  for removing  your  old  floor  and  installing  hardwood  in  the  areas  where  you  want  it.

Pros:  It’s  durable  and  wear-­resistant,  and  one  of  the  reasons  it  lasts  forever  (almost)  is  because  it  can  be  sanded  and  refinished many  times  over.

Cons:  Hardwood  is  expensive,  and  it  takes  many  labor  hours  to  install.  It  doesn’t  retain  heat  effectively  so  it  can  be cold  in  the winter.

This  flooring  material  is  also  high  on  the  list  of  desirable  surfaces.  It’s  popularity  stems  partly  from  the  fact  that  it’s eco-­friendly, because  bamboo  keeps  growing  back  in  a  very  short  period.  It’s  also  highly  durable,  so  it’s  perfect  for  a Haddonfield  remodeling project  in  a  home  with  young  children  or  teenagers.  Bamboo  comes  in  various  “sandy  blonde” shades  that  resemble beechwood,  which  are  ideal  for  achieving  an  airy,  lighter  look  for  a  room.

Pros:  Bamboo  is  hypo-­allergenic  and  exceptionally  easy  to  install  and  to  keep  clean.

Cons:  Bamboo  is  susceptible  to water  damage,  and  the  color  fades  if  it  comes  into  extended  contact  with  sunlight.

Both  ceramic  and  porcelain  tiles  have  been  popular  for  years,  and  they  still  are.  This  type  of  floor  is  particularly  well-suited  to high-­traffic  areas,  because  it’s  simple  to  clean  and  can  be  used  indoors  in  a  room,  for  example,  or  outdoors on  a  covered  patio. It  has  been  around  for  a  long  time  and  is  available  in  a  wide  range  of  colors  and  styles.

Pros:  Tiles  are  strong  and  durable,  easy  to  clean  and  sterilize,  and  simple  to  replace  in  case  of  localized  damage.

Cons:  Colors  tend  to  fade  over  time,  so  when  you  find  yourself  needing  to  replace  a  tile  or  two  it’s possible  the shades  will  differ slightly.  Tiles  are  very  hard  and  cold  underfoot,  so  they  aren’t  all  that comfortable  in  a  living  area, and  the  grout  can  attract  stains that  are  difficult  to  eliminate.

Then,  of  course,  there’s  the  old,  staple  flooring—carpet.  While  it’s  less  popular  these  days  than  it  used to  be,  it depends  on  the needs  of  your  family  which  material  will  be  the  best  choice  for  your  Haddonfield home remodeling project.

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